The 2 Best Things About Orient Automatic FEM65009D9 Sports Men’s Watch

Orient Automatic FEM65009D9

The Orient Automatic FEM65009D9 Sports Men’s Watch is an affordable watch designed for people who like to stay active and have a casual style. The Orient Automatic has Fluorescent Indicators and Benchmarks, a 21-jewel movement with manual winding, and 200m water resistance.

Orient Automatic FEM65009D9 Sports Men’s Watch Review

Have you ever needed a sport to watch that was suitable for a casual or professional look? The answer, of course, is yes. While expensive models have elegant styles and carbon fiber straps, conventional designs are often better.

The Orient FEM65009D9 Sports Men’s Watch is a Swiss-style automatic. It has all of the features you need in order to be active whether you’re in the office or outdoors. The day and date window at 3 o’clock helps you keep track of weekdays and weekends. Additionally, it’s water resistant to 200m which means that you can swim or snorkel without damage.

Looks professional enough

Many buyers were drawn to the Orient Automatic FEM65009D9 Sports Men’s Watch because it looks professional enough to use in a business environment. It’s not often that you can find a decent watch with such looking style in a low-price range. It’s not very hard-core, but it provides basic functionality for both outdoorsmen and people with casual lifestyles.

Resistant to Water Damage

Many buyers have taken their time to test the Orient Automatic FEM65009D9 Sports Men’s Watch under extreme conditions. Overall, it’s been reported that this Orient Watch is very resistant to water damage. There was some worry that the watch wouldn’t keep time well after being submerged in water. After all, most automatic watches aren’t designed to work underwater. For this reason, there were many buyers who were interested in seeing how well a watch would keep its accuracy after being tested in different depths of water. Most people had no problems with their watches keeping accurate time after a swim in a pool or a dive in the ocean.

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