Orient Bambino: Generations and Versions

Orient Bambino Watches

The Orient Bambino, regardless of generation or version, demonstrates that they are classy watches with all the elegance you could hope for at this price point. But in this case, we need to investigate the primary traits shared by each of the variants of the second generation.

Generation refers to the various ways in which the internal mechanisms are different. Version refers to the variety of dial designs that are available.

Between the first (Versions I, II, and III) and the second (Versions I, II, III, IV, and V), there are seven notably different dial designs for the Orient Bambino. Some have open hearts and small seconds, while others do not.
There are two generations of the Bambino, and each generation features several variations that are distinct from the others. There are a total of five different variations, with three from the first generation and two from the second. Orient also made the Small Seconds Bambino and the Open Heart Bambino versions in addition to these five.
Only one noticeable alteration was made to the design of the Bambinos between the first and second generations. At 6 o’clock on the dial of the First, Generation Bambinos were the words “Water Resist.” Second-generation Orient timepieces were “water resist.” Most importantly, Orient updated the movement for the current generation. Orient’s automatic Calibre 48743 movement powered the first-generation Bambino.

Here are seven variants of the famous Bambino dress watches.

Orient Bambino Versions:

Orient Bambino – Version 1: The Bambino-Version 1, is a timeless classic dress watch. It sports a clear dial in white or black, a narrow bezel, rhomboid indexes, and slender dauphine hands. The case is available in silver or gold (yellow and rose).
Orient Bambino-Version 2: Version 2 of the Bambino has a slightly thicker casing, but an entirely new dial design. Roman numerals have replaced the previous rhomboid indexes. The dial is also a little cluttered because it has a unique minute marker train with two lines around the outer corners. The slim hands, however, balance off the bulkier upper body and make for a more streamlined overall impression. The onion-like crown on Version 2 is slightly larger than on Version 1.
Orient Bambino-Version 3: The Bambino Version 3 is Orient’s interpretation of Bauhaus design and has a very modern look. Hour indicators have evolved from rhomboid shapes in Version 1 to Roman numerals in Version 2, and now to ultrathin index shapes in Version 3. In addition to the tiny hands, the logo, and the date window at 3 o’clock, the dial is otherwise quite simple and plain. There are no gold or rose gold alternatives for the Bambino Version 3 watches, unlike the first two iterations. Customers can now choose from a wider range of dial colors (not just white, but also black, blue, and grey).
Orient Bambino-Version 4: The Bambino’s fourth version is very similar to Version 1, although the hands and hour markers have been improved. The dials glow brightly, and the red secondhand stands out. The case of the watch is larger than in the previous three generations.
Orient Bambino-Version 5: Orient opted to alter the dial somewhat in this fifth iteration. The series still has a domed dial and crystal, as well as the standard 40.5mm case size, but this time the hour markers have intricate Arabic numerals. Version 5’s hands are also distinct. These dauphine hands are curved and resemble leaves, as opposed to the dauphine hands of the past. Just so everyone knows, this is the newest model in the Bambino series, released in 2018.
Orient Bambino—Small Seconds: Orient introduced the Bambino Small Seconds Version, giving a new spin to its vintage models. For a more streamlined appearance, the words “water resistant” have been eliminated from the dial in addition to the sub-dial. Version 4 combines indexes with Roman numerals (3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock) for visual variation. In the meantime, you can check the time with the help of your dauphine hands.
Orient Bambino-Open Heart:  In conclusion, Orient’s Bambino Version 4 is a noteworthy upgrade to the Bambino line. The brand maintains a minimal aesthetic on the dial by using rounded hour markers and thin hands. A skeleton sub-dial at 9 o’clock replaces the date display at 3 o’clock. For the first time, the watch’s inner workings will be visible to the owner. The Bambino Open Heart, like all of the other models, has a domed crystal, a domed case, and a simple dial.

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