Most Iconic Watch Orient Bambino Version 3

Orient Bambino Version 3 FAC0000EW0


The Orient Bambino Version 3 is the follow-up to one of Orient’s most iconic watches. The watch still carries some classic elements from the original, but now includes new textures on the dials as well as more layered design cues from popular models in the Orient line.

The Bambino Version 3 remains true to its heritage by retaining its signature domed crystal and textured leather strap. It became a huge success even before it hit the market and sold out in no time due to its popularity on forums and in blogs as “the everyday beater with a high-end look”.

Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Version 3 Classic Automatic FAC0000EW0 Men’s Watch

The Bambino Version 3 is an automatic watch powered by Orient’s F6724 movement. The case diameter measures 40.50mm. It wears quite large because of its shape, but not uncomfortably so, as it’s pretty thin at 11.80 mm in thickness. The watch has a domed crystal which provides some sturdiness to the watch’s face.


The unusually shaped Bambino Version 3 is a cool design. The design does make it very bulky around the wrist. Especially considering its relatively thin 11.50 mm thickness.


The Bambino Version 3’s dial is somewhat similar to that of its predecessor. It has been reworked for improved readability. The date window on the dial is at the 3 o’clock position. It’s in a retrograde day marking style found on most Orient watches. Also, The Bambino Version 3’s mineral crystal offers 30 meters of water resistance.

It’s fairly clean and simple with few details to distract from its premium appearance.

Straps & Wearability:

The leather strap of the Bambino Version 3 is an upgraded design from that of its predecessor and feels very comfortable to wear, but it’s not too wide nor does it wrap around too tightly; it wears comfortably without being constricting.

The watch marks a great example of how simple yet elegant design can work well under different circumstances, and should appeal to both seasoned collectors and those who wish to wear something with a high-end look without having to wind up spending too much money.


The Bambino Version 3 is another example of how Orient can make horological icons into something truly timeless by doing two simple things. First is improving upon the original design and 2nd is adding in additional modern touches.

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