Men’s Watch Review: Orient Classic Automatic RA-AG0004B10B

Orient Classic Automatic RA-AG0004B10B

The Orient Classic Automatic RA-AG0004B10B is a great-looking watch that has all the features that make a good watch for a man. The case of the watch is made from stainless steel and has been polished to give it such a great look that is sure to impress whoever sees it on your wrist.

Orient Classic Automatic RA-AG0004B10B Men’s Watch

There are many features that distinguish a men’s watch from a women’s timepiece. Traditionally, the design of a man’s watch has been more robust and masculine so that it can last for decades. One feature that is greatly differentiated between the two categories is that, in general, on all types of watches, if they have been designed to function as a man’s watch, they will be able not only to tell what time it is but also how it will change throughout the day. This will allow men to keep track of their daily schedule.


The first thing one will notice about this Orient Watch is that it has a very attractive design. The watch’s face itself is 41 mm in diameter, which means that the watch fits easily on any wrist.

The Dial and Hands

As with every watch, the dial is another thing one will notice. It also features a beautiful “Orient black” dial and looks very easy to read. The face itself is simple but has enough detail to make it easy to read from any distance. The dial features an open heart dial. They also have a nice polished look to them as do all parts of the watch, making it look and feel very high-quality.

The Movement of Orient Classic Automatic RA-AG0004B10B

Another thing one will notice about this watch is the movement. To wind this watch by hand is unnecessary because it has an automatic movement. Another feature that sets it apart from other watches. If maintained and wound daily, the movement will keep perfect time.

The Water Resistance

Another feature that a man will notice about this watch is the water resistance, which measures 30 meters. This is great because it means that if you accidentally drop it into a pool, the watch will be able to keep on working.

The Strap and Buckle

The strap is genuine leather and the buckle is stainless steel. The strap measures 22 mm at its thickest part. The leather is soft and durable, making it very comfortable to wear. Overall, this watch is a great choice for a man as it has it all: looks and durability that will last for years to come.

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