How Orient Bambino ER2400CN Men’s Watch : Fits for Everyone

Orient Bambino ER2400CN

The Orient Bambino ER2400CN Men’s Watch does very little to stand out, but it does its job perfectly well. Fitting in with the crowd can be tough. We all want to stand out and have our own unique style, but it can feel like your individuality is just going unnoticed. With that in mind, today we’re going to take a look at the Orient Bambino ER2400CN Men’s Watch and see how this elegant piece of watchmaking can help you fit seamlessly into any environment — even if you don’t have much fashion sense or are unsure about what looks good on you.

The simple design is clear and concise, with a few key features that set it apart from the crowd.

Let’s take a closer look at the main features of this watch and see what makes it so unique.

Details of the Orient Bambino ER2400CN Men’s Watch

The typical word you’ll hear when you tell someone what kind of Orient Bambino to buy will be ‘casual’. That’s a pretty accurate description, especially if you’re after something that looks good in jeans or a t-shirt. But is that really enough? Does the design need to be so safe?

From the front, this watch looks pretty standard — and that’s a good thing. The face of the watch is clear with a simple dial and neutral hands. The time is easy to read, and you won’t find any extraneous features.


The case measures in at just over 40.50mm, so it’ll fit pretty comfortably on most wrists — especially if you’re used to wearing analog watches instead of digital ones.

The face of the watch has Roman Numerals markers around the dial, with a date window for easy reading. The case back is solid, with no engravings or embellishments. It’s simply stamped with the Orient logo and some important serial numbers.

Features an Orient-made 21-jewel automatic movement, a rich cream dial with applied Roman numeral markers, vibrant blue hands, a solid screw-in case back, a date window at 3:00, a domed mineral crystal, and a dark brown leather strap, the new Orient Bambino dress watch is already a best seller. This Orient Watch is perfect for formal occasions like the office or a nice dinner. This timepiece exemplifies timeless beauty and sophistication.

The newest Bambino has a new look with the domed crystal that defined the popular Bambino series. The ER2400CN has a cream-colored face, and the hands are a bright blue. This wasn’t in earlier Bambinos. Secondly, the Roman numeral hour markers are a major departure from the previous design. This gives the item a more traditional feel. A vertical bar represents each erroneous numeral. If you’re wondering why the numeral 4 is written as IIII instead of IV, it has to do with dial symmetry.

The blue hands are slenderer and flatter than the original Bambino’s dauphine hands. Vintage watches with their thin hands come to mind. The outer chapter ring, which has the appearance of a track surrounding the dial, is also distinctive. In addition to indicating the seconds, the ER2400CN’s markers lend it a distinctly retro air.

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