Great-looking Orient Mako Automatic CEM65004B Men’s Watch

Orient Mako Automatic CEM65004B

Orient Mako Automatic CEM65004B is an Orient watch called the Mako that comes with a stainless-steel case, urethane band. Also with an automatic movement, fold-over with double push-button safety, mineral crystal, screwed-down crown, and black dial. Luminous hands and hour markers which make it easy to read at night. The case diameter is 41mm and the case thickness is 13mm making it durable but not too heavy. Weighing in at a total of 5 ounces it makes for a nice on-the-go accessory.

Orient is taking a gamble with this re-design of their popular Mako series. The original Orient Mako Automatic CEM65004B watch was stainless steel with a leather band. The new version is all stainless steel and comes with a urethane band which makes it convenient for everyday wear. It gives it a sporty look.

The urethane band is a nice touch. Those who are looking for a more robust band will value it. The band still looks good when paired with casual or dress attire. The new Orient Mako keeps the same easy-to-read face, with the day and date at the 3 o’clock position.

What are other notable changes in Orient Mako Automatic CEM65004B?

Other than size, appearance, and material change there are no other notable changes to the watch, it’s still a great timepiece with automatic movement, fold-over with double push-button safety, mineral crystal, and screwed-down crown.

It is not an official name for this kind of Orient Watch but it refers to the straightforward design and style of the band and face which are simple and elegant.

The Orient Mako is designed to be a simple and elegant watch that you can wear with your formal attire or even with your casual attire. It also has a dressier appearance which makes it perfect for everyday use as well.

I prefer the old version of Orient Mako Automatic CEM65004B watch over the new one simply because I prefer leather bands to urethane bands, but saying that, I love the way the new Mako looks on the wrist. It has a very modern look combined with a classic design making it both stylish and durable. It is important to note that even though this is an automatic watch, you still need to manually wind it in order to wind the mainspring which powers the movement of this watch.

Orient Mako Automatic CEM65004B is a great-looking Men’s Watch that will appeal to fashion-conscious watch lovers.

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