An Essential Guide to Orient Mako Automatic Diver EM75004B Men’s Watch

Orient Mako Automatic Diver EM75004B

This is the Orient Mako Automatic Diver EM75004B Men’s Watch—a top-of-the-line timepiece from one of Japan’s leading watchmakers that offers superior durability and usability. The Orient Mako features a handsome and eye-catching exterior, with its silver and black color scheme and distinctive dial designs.

Features of Orient Mako Automatic Diver EM75004B watch

The Orient Mako Automatic Diver EM75004B Men’s Watch has a 21-jewel, hacking seconds hand, and a date feature. The self-winding movement of this watch eliminates the need to constantly wind it.

The screw-down crown allows precise timekeeping adjustments while protecting against dust and moisture. The dial of the Orient Mako Automatic Diver EM75004B Men’s Watch is black with white flecks. An orange bezel contrasts with the black dial. Luminous hands and markers add to the watch’s legibility and sporty look.

Dive Watch with A Less Sporty and Dressier Look

The physical design of the Orient Mako EM75004B Men’s Watch is not just good for function but also for visual appeal. The case diameter of the watch is 44.5 millimeters across, while its thickness is 13.3 millimeters. It’s a good choice for those who want a large, fashionable watch that’s easy to read. The Orient EM75004B Men’s Watch is a watch, which is suitable for all occasions.

The crystal used in this watch—scratch-resistant mineral—is another point of its outstanding quality. This watch can withstand the rigors of everyday use because it keeps on ticking thanks to its strong crystal. The crystal is also resistant to the elements: it can withstand a dip in water for up to 200 meters.

The Orient Diver EM75004B Men’s Watch utilizes a screw-down crown, which also provides added protection. As with the crystal, this crown helps protect the watch from moisture and dust buildup as well as accidental drops. In normal circumstances, this screw-down crown protects the watch from water damage.

Functionality Added by Day and Date

This Orient Watch also has a date function, and it shows the current date on the dial at the three o’clock position. This watch’s stainless steel case back improves its strength, durability, and polish. The bracelet of the watch is made from stainless steel as well. Material is corrosion-resistant, so it can be worn in different environments.

Stainless steel, used in the making of the clasp, is a material with greater durability and strength than those of any other material commonly used in watch clasps.

This watch is an excellent choice for those who want to wear a watch that signals their status as serious timepieces enthusiasts.

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