A Guide To Orient Bambino Watch

Orient Bambino

Orient Bambino has a wide selection of watches for both men and women, in a variety of price ranges and with fashionable designs. Additionally, they let you add a special touch to your timepiece by engraving a message on either side of the face.

Orient Bambino was established in 1938 by Japanese entrepreneur Kihachiro Tomita. Because of the bombing, the company had to relocate to Germany, but it grew rapidly during the war. Even after the war, the company kept making watches that are still best sellers in Japan today.

Orient Bambino has experienced rapid growth since its inception, and the company now has its own factory in Thailand, where it produces a variety of high-quality watches and accessories. Orient Bambino currently produces watches in a wide range of designs, categorizing them into the “Modern,” “Sporty,” “Classic,” and “Lifestyle” lines. All of Orient Bambino’s collections, which are designed to each target a slightly different demographic, can be found online. When it comes to the company’s watches, the Modern collection is the most sought-after and comprehensive.

Kristian Esposti, the current CEO of Orient Bambino, has evolved alongside the company’s success. He joined the company in September 2014 and succeeded Rolf Schurenberg as CEO. Former President and Chief Operating Officer of Tokyo-based start-up Seiko Epson Corp.Before that, in April of 2013, he became the executive vice president of Citizen Watch Company. He also managed logistics, production, and marketing for Chronos Japan Co., Ltd.

Orient Bambino is a customer-focused business that strives to remain on the cutting edge of children’s wear fashion. Their watches are primarily made for the Japanese market, and only a few models are exported. Alligator leather, stainless steel, copper alloy, gold-plated brass, rose gold-plated brass (not available on their website), dark green freshwater jade leather, and stainless steel with rose gold plating retail anywhere from $40 to $200.

Each watch sold by Orient Bambino is accompanied by a detailed report that can be requested by the customer. All of the watches are of top quality, using Japanese quartz movements. If you purchase an Orient Bambino, you can have a custom engraving done on both sides of the face, which will be visible even when the watch is closed. Most of the watches in the current Orient Bambino collection are powered by quartz. This is because they need to follow rules in many different countries.

Customers in the United States and Canada can choose from a variety of different Orient Bambino watch designs. The timepieces in the Classic Collection are simple in design and appearance. The many watches with clean, unfussy faces are great for anyone in the family. These watches have case diameters ranging from 40 to 45 millimeters, making them a seamless addition to any collection. Most of the watches in the Sporty Collection are made to handle the stresses of sports like running, swimming, and climbing.

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